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The Tests

BioProtect has been successfully tested by the IIREC (International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility). See IIREC Report 28.8.2007 (26 pages, German, PDF, 4.7 MB). The sister institute in Israel has also tested BioProtect with similar results (IIREC Report 25.1.2007, 8 pages, English, PDF, 1.4 MB).

IGEF Seal deIIREC german

Also the IGEF (International Association for Electrosmog Research), which is a renowned testing and training institute in Germany, has conducted in April 2009 a series of tests with the BioProtect cards. They looked at changes on red blood cells and conducted a number of biophysical tests. The IGEF comes to the conclusion that the BioProtect cards have fully passed the requirements and that they recommend the use of BioProtect to protect against the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution from electric devices and geological irritation zones. For details on their tests and the results see the IGEF Study on BioProtect 2009, 48 pages, German, PDF, 1.6 MB.You can find a translated summary of the report here (English, PDF, 3 pages, 70 Kb). A short summary page on the effects on red blood cells is here (English, JPG, 1 page, 482Kb). This summary shows 3 images that were taken using dark field microscopy. The first shows red blood cells BEFORE a 5 minute call was made with a mobile phone. The second image shows red blood cells immediately AFTER the phone call with a mobile phone WITH BioProtect attached to it. The third image shows red blood cells immediately AFTER a phone call with a mobile phone WITHOUT BioProtect attached to it. It was observed that it takes about 40 minutes for the blood cells to return to their normal state that was observed before placing a call !

Dr. Grün's Tests

The testing method of Holopathy that was used by Dr. Grün's research is an extension of the procedure of Dr. Reinhold Voll's electro-acupuncture. Dr. Voll developed it 50 years ago and generations of therapists and producers have developed it further. The principle is to measure the electrical skin resistance on the acupuncture points. One aspect is very significant here. The electrical behavior of the acupuncture point changes, when the tested person touches a suitable homeopathic medicine. This is called “the medicine test”. One can observe this phenomenon with various other external influences, such as food, medicine, an active mobile phone, mineral water that is of varying quality and textile materials. Although electro-acupuncture is being used successfully by thousands of therapists and medical doctors all over the world for decades, it has never been considered an acceptable measuring method by conservative scientists.

Dr. Grün used the system of Holopathy, which was developed by the Austrian Dr. Christian Steiner and is manufactured by Quint Systems in St. Pölten, Austria. The system includes a scale of 169 levels of special homeopathic medicines. Of these, only one product shows a positive reaction on the medicine test, which indicates the bioenergetic state or the regularization ability of the patient. External influences can affect the level in either positive or negative direction. The reaction is immediate. In this way one is able to state, if something is good or bad for the bioenergetical system of the body. Also, one can quantify its positive or negative effect.

Another testing possibility is to use the system to show the presence of pollutants in water by exposing the tested person to both the water and the pollutant that was distilled to homeopathic levels. One can prove in this way the presence of elements, which are beyond the chemically testable limit, but still have a biological effect. This testing procedure cannot measure the quantity of chemical substances. It has, however, the decisive advantage that it can show the biological effect on the human body, which after all is what one wants to know.

El AcupunctureHere are the concrete steps for applying this measurement process. First, one is measuring on the scale of 169 levels the current bioenergetic state without exposing the person to outside stimuli. This state is generally stable over a longer period of time. Then the person is, for example, making a phone call during which one measures again the bioenergetic state. Normally, the resulting value is about 30 levels more negative. Electro-sensitive persons show an even stronger negative reaction. One tries in this situation to apply any approaches to prevent this negative effect of 30 levels from occurring. It was very helpful for Dr. Grün to observe that water, which was irradiated by a mobile phone, produced also a negative effect of 30 levels. This effect was present in the water sample over months! This observation has far reaching consequences, but this is not the focus here. However, using this type of measurement he could answer to a variety of questions and optimize a number of observed phenomena during his research.

The second step is to practically verify the gained knowledge of the reactions of acupuncture points, and his patients and several professional colleagues proved to be very helpful in this.

Dr. Grün tested during his research a variety of available products for neutralizing electromagnetic pollution. Indeed, most of them performed more or less well. However, he brought BioProtect to the market, because it possesses some significant advantages. There is no other product which is so easy to use, so versatile in its application, and so inexpensive.

Appendix 1: Some Characteristics of Longitudinal Waves